Dr. Asha P.

Dr. Asha P

I am Dr.Asha.P, a graduate in zoology, naturopathy and yogic sciences ( B.S.C, B.N.Y.S). I completed my zoology degree from Kuniyakose Elias college, mannanam in Kerala and BNYS from Sri Darmasthola monjunatheshivara college, Ujine which is affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi university in Bangloor. It is 4 years steady and 1 year practice.

I also studied a certificate course in panchakarma and traditional treatments of Kerala from K.A.P.L. Acupuncture, Swedish massage, yoga, acupressure, physiotherapy, chronotherapy, magnetotherapy, reiki, hydrotherapy, mudtherapy and diet are therapies included in our treatment. We treat the patients without medicines.

I was working in an allopathic hospital previously and now I work with an ayurveda team in Rajah since 2 years. I feel it is easier to work with ayurveda than allopathy. Here I do integrated approach with yoga, diet, acupressure, acupuncture and reiki along with ayurveda treatments.

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