Ba-Zi kinesisk astrologi

Ba Zi – kinesisk astrologi för hälsa och balanserat liv. Denna kurs har jag väntat länge på!

Under två tredagars kurser online berättar Suzanne Robidoux om hur vi kan ta hjälp av astrologi för att bland annat se våra styrkor, svagheter och utmaningar.

Datum: 18-20 juni och 16-18 juli (4 timmar per dag). Kursen är på engelska.
Tid: London tid 2 pm – 6 pm
Plats: Online

Pris: 5000 kr inkl.moms (6 dagar)
PDF material och länk skickas en vecka innan kursen.

För anmälan och mer information kontakta Susanne Körnvik
Tel. 0247-145 44

Suzannes beskrivning:

In this 2-weekend course, we will cover the essentials of Chinese Astrology (Ba Zi) and learn the meaning of these four pillars in our chart. We will learn our individual strengths and weaknesses, in skills, personalities and in health. In 2 weekends (altogether 6 days) you will learn the mandatory information to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses as well as your qualities and difficulties which support or weaken you. We will also have a section reserved to understand ways to harmonize these elements to strengthen your health and balance the various aspects of your life. We will accept the first 50 registrations as this course facilitates personalized questions.

Course Objectives:
– Learn how to read a four pillar Ba Zi astrology chart.
– Learn to identify your strengths and weaknesses.
– Learn to harmonize the different aspects of your chart.
– Learn to optimize the balance of the elements for a healthy life.
Course Design:Each day will be 4 hours broadcasted live (24 hours altogether), with interaction through chat rooms. If a participant is unable to attend one of the days of the weekend, an audio recording will be sent, 1 day per participant. However, the recordings of the weekends will not be available otherwise.

Broadcasting Times:
same day from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM.

Nedan en bild på stämplar med de tolv zodiakdjuren ; )






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