Rajah Ayurvedic Hospitals

Rajah ayurvedic hospitals is a humble step towards fulfilling the dreams of it’s founders to help the suffering mankind.

Ayurveda is considered as a science of life which is suitable both for the healthy and sick alike. It is a unique system of medicine which gives great preference to prevention of illness by means of better food and life style. Ayurveda address many of the present day illness, which cannot be explained or understood by the allopathic medicine.

Rajah ayurvedic hospitals has 3 centers, which provide all ayurvedic treatments without compromising the traditional way. These are:
RHA Rajah Ayurvedic Hospitals has two centers at present.

Rajah Healthy Acres: This hospital is situated at Koottanad in Palakkad. District where we have facility to treat most of the ailments. Along with these we are doing rejuvenation (revival of body and mind) and relaxation treatments for healthy people. Different types of cottages are available for accommodation. There is a herbal garden and medicine manufacturing unit in the centre.

Rajah Island: This hospital is situated at Chettuva back waters near Guruvayur. Here we have facility to give ayurvedic rejuvenation treatment. We are having different types of cottages, normal rooms, rooms in house boat like Kashmir type house boat.

Rajah Beach: This hospital is situated at Akalad, in Thrissur district, along the sea side. All the ayurvedic rejuvenating treatments are done in this hospital also. Different types of accommodations are arranged on the seaside.

All three centers are situated in calm and peaceful atmosphere. Utmost care is taken not to deviate from the traditional system of ayurvedic treatments. We are open through out the year and getting many people from all over the world.

Ayurvedic treatments have been shown effective in cases like different types of arthritis, low back pain, psoriasis, multiple sclerosis, degenerating nervous diseases, chronic fatigue syndrome, migraine, mental stress and anxiety, irritable bowel syndrome, paralysis and related disabilities and on. Apart from the patients we receive people for rejuvenation and relaxation purposes also.

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